Author Spotlight – Amber Blakes

Amber Blakes is a master’s level teacher and instructional coach and a married mom of three with an affinity for books, writing, and sharing information that will positively change others. Her two-decade-long career in education has afforded her many opportunities to provide professional development to hundreds about best practices for teaching and learning. It is her hope and dream to create content that will cause dramatic improvements in family and education.

Amber blakes author of A Journal for the Generations

She is the creator of her blog, A Lampstand-#M5:15, which shines a light on ideas that help people live smarter and not harder. Amber spent her childhood in New York, and as a teenager, her family relocated to the Lowcountry of South Carolina, where she currently resides with her husband, children, and hound mix. In this scenic area of the country, she became a follower of Jesus Christ and began her teaching and writing journey. At any given time, you may find her journaling, reading, writing, praying, exercising, discovering new places with her family, savoring a good meal, taking a class, having great conversations with friends, or enjoying a good laugh.

About Her Book – A Journal for the Generations

A Journal for the Generations is the result of the journey of one woman who was desperate to see different outcomes for her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. This tool is a topical journaling framework that will help people record their personal experiences and share wisdom about generational family curses and blessings for the next generation to read about as a rite of passage into various stages in life. 

It helps families author an anthology designed to travel through the third and fourth generations. The topics covered include: being in relationship with God, friendships, a student, a co-worker, a spouse, a parent, finances, and more. This book is meant to bring relief and understanding to those who want to know why they struggle with certain challenges, free entire family bloodlines from bondage, inform its readers of blessings and strengths that have been passed on to them, and equip future generations with the wisdom they need to overcome life’s challenges. 

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