Author Spotlight – Angela Brooks

Angela Reese Brooks is a realtor by trade, a businesswoman, and an entrepreneur. Angela has a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Entertainment Business. Angela has been called by God to step into her destiny as the voice of the wife. Mrs. Brooks is a wife coach, life coach, mentor, and motivational speaker.

Through her wife coaching sessions, Angela helps wives see the value in their marriage and within themselves. She empowers and encourages women and wives by giving them faith to believe that it is possible to have a successful godly marriage despite any obstacles. Her journey as a wife of 22 years, and her relationship with God has given her the passion and purpose to save marriages throughout this country.

Angela Brooks has found her purpose in helping women build healthy, happy, and lasting marriages by being transparent in her wifely walk. She has experienced everything from adversity to infidelity. It was only by the grace of God that she is still here as a wife and looks to help other women overcome experiences similar to her own.

About Her Book – Becoming the Boss Wife

Becoming the Boss Wife depicts one wife’s journey of desperation to find herself and God within her marriage as she tries putting together pieces of an unsolved puzzle of her dying marriage. Where did it all go wrong? Was she not a good wife? Is that not enough? She had high hopes for her marriage only to find out that her husband was not ready. What more could he want? Can the marriage be saved? Is there still hope?

In our culture today, the world’s view of the marriage bond is different from God’s view. The marriage has been substituted by a microwaveable experience where the marriage only lasts but a moment. It is being treated more like a contractual agreement instead of a commitment. The state of the marriage is in trouble, and the position of the wife is disappearing. All married women are not wives. Some of them are operating as knives by their words and their actions. God is not pleased with the behavior of the wife. Marriage is no longer being taken seriously. The mindset of the wife must Change.

This book is for the wife that is experiencing adversity and is on the brink of giving up on her marriage. The wife who is in the marriage and feels she is all alone. The wife who has suffered infidelity and is ready to end her marriage. The wife who desires to save her marriage at all costs despite the odds. 

In the book, you will learn:

  • Marriage is serious business – Getting married is easy. Staying married is hard. The marriage bond is not being taken seriously. God is being omitted from the marriage. God is not pleased with the behavior and wants change. Her mindset had to change to line up with what God required.
  • How to fit his crown – The wife attempted numerous times to place her king’s crown on her husband’s head in which it did not fit. She tried moving it left to right, and it still would not fit. It never was a perfect fit because the wife tried to fit it instead of allowing God to fit him. God had to change his crown, which is a reflection of the man’s walk with God
  • How to adjust your crown – The wife spent so much time trying to fit her husband’s crown that she paid no attention to her crown. Her actions caused an issue in the marriage. The wife thought she had it all together only to find out that she did not have it together at all. The wife focused more on her husband’s walk and neglected her walk with God. Her crown required adjusting.
  • To beware of the In-fluencers – The marriage should be guarded as if it is your heart. Be careful of who you let influence the marriage. Their involvement can lead to the destruction of the marriage bond.
  • How to get up after you have been knocked down – Having been married for 22 years, the wife thought her husband would be faithful. However, she soon discovered his infidelity. She forgave him and thought that they could move forward, but the adulterous relationship continued.
  • How to overcome heartbreak – The wife had taken on the spirit of bitterness, hatred, and anger. She no longer wanted to save her marriage; she had a strong desire to see it end. She went into a deep depression that affected her hair and weight. Delivery from her pain did not come until she surrendered all to God.
  • How to become the Boss Wife – After all of the wife’s adversity in the marriage, she finds out that her true purpose was never about her but about the ministry that God had placed inside of her.

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