Author Spotlight – Angela King

Angela Sholars King is an ordained minister, certified life coach, and life agent. Angela is nationally known in ministry as the Warrior of Intercession, Deliverance, and Spiritual Warfare. Angela is a World Leader who has partnered with many at all levels of state, business professionals, and international leaders.

Angela answered the call and has successfully equipped and empowered many to maximize their leadership potential in their communities and transform souls through the power of prayer. As one of the leading voices for such a time as this, she founded: Women Praying for Christ Ministry, Inc. (WPFCM) with chapters in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Nigeria, Texas, and North Carolina, Dr. Angela S. King Ministries, Coach ASK, Women Lets Talk, How will I know, the word of God? The Wailing Hour and Powerful D.I.V.A.S. Angela has developed programs and services for individuals and families needing counseling, prayer, and personal improvement. Her accomplishments as an Evangelist, Teacher, Motivational Speaker, Mentor, Talk Show Host, Life Coach, and now Author have established her as one of the nation’s most respected and sought-after voices today. Angela is also a life agent with Primerica Financial Services, in which Angela and her husband are Regional Vice Presidents and run a successful financial services business. Angela decided to write this book under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to minister to women worldwide. Remember,” Have faith.” “Don’t give up on God.” “Fight for your family.” “God loves you and wants the best for you.” “What the enemy means for bad, God will always work it out for your good.” Angela resides in Texas with her husband and daughter. She recognizes that she can do absolutely nothing without her Lord and Savior. Her life statement is personalized by Philippians 4:13 (KJV): “Angela can do all things through Christ which strengthens Angela!”

About Her Book – Not No, WAIT

In this heartfelt and honest memoir, Angela reveals her difficult journey to motherhood and examines the stigma, silence, fear, pain, and mental breakdown surrounding infertility. From the anguish of her multiple miscarriages to the decision to explore adoption, as well as the practical and emotional challenges involved in pursuing this route to parenthood, she reveals what it was like to find out that infertility was just the beginning of her problems. Angela has to look deceit and death in the eye and make a particularly major decision.

Shining a light on growing up too fast, the importance of fathers in the home, miscarriages, motherhood, deceit, and death, Not No, WAIT is a raw, sincere, and uplifting account of Angela’s journey to an intimate relationship with God, prayer, faith, and motherhood.

If you are struggling with infertility, doubt, faith, or within your marriage, Angela authored this book with you in mind. After reading this book, you will be able to renew your strength and fight for your family and your desire to be a mother. You will understand that nothing is too hard for God! He is waiting to give you the desires of your heart. God loves you so much!

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