Author Spotlight – Betty Smoot-Madison

Betty is originally from Florence, South Carolina, and grew up as a military kid (Go, ARMY!). She has lived in seven different states, from wayyyy north in Rochester, NY to wayyyy south in Tuscaloosa, AL. She currently resides in Mableton, GA, just outside of Atlanta, with her husband, Joseph, her adult daughter, Trene’, and twin bonus daughters, Laurel and Gabrielle. Betty has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a master’s degree in City and Regional Planning.

She has been in public service most of her professional career (over 15 years) and currently works in the Transportation Planning sector as a Director with the City of Atlanta, where she gets the opportunity to make communities safer by building better streets and ensuring equity and equality in delivering transportation projects. Betty is a faith-filled wife, mother, and self-proclaimed positive pusher! She lives a life of service, generosity, and encouragement to others.

About Her Book – The 3 Pillars: Faith, Wisdom & Leadership

Get your pen and highlighter ready. This guide and journal are created for women who are tired of living in fear and failure and are ready to soar to new heights in all aspects of their lives. Faith, Wisdom, and Leadership are the pillars for living a God-embodied life. This book is jam-packed with pillar principles, prayers, and declarations that will help you achieve success and greatness, which is what God birthed us for. Betty Smoot-Madison gives an account of some of her life experiences that were challenging, such as being a teen mom and losing her fiancé in a terrible motorcycle crash, but these were pivotal moments that led her on a path of overcoming and thriving. 

This book is jam-packed with:

  • Bible-based scriptures to support the three pillars and their respective pillar principles,
  • Powerful Word definitions, 
  • Personal life experiences from the author, 
  • Tips for improving, 
  • Declarations and Decrees 
  • Prayers within each Pillar Principle, and
  • Journal pages with guiding questions

We represent God and His glory, so why wouldn’t He want the absolute BEST for us?! God intends for us to leave a legacy here on earth, one that turns people towards Him. The Three Pillars will help set the foundation for the type of Kingdom Success that leaves God glorified to the highest.

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