Author Spotlight – Jamice Holley

Jamice Holley’s philosophy is simple: “it’s the journey, not the destination, that’s the end goal.” Her personal mission is to teach people to understand that the transformational process is continuous, and once it stops, so does their growth. She believes with the proper strategies and perspective, her clients will be able to “flow” with life’s current instead of “fighting against it.”

The Guide to Opening a Private Practice: Developing the Entrepreneur Within You God's Way

As a therapist with an emphasis in Imago Relationship Therapy (a form of couples therapy that focuses on relational counseling that transforms a conflict into an opportunity to grow and heal) and founder of The Art of Becoming LLC, Holley specializes in helping her clients successfully navigate their relationships. Whether it is their most important relationship, the one with themselves, their partner, or with God, Holley approaches the healing and growth process from mental, emotional, and spiritual perspectives. 

A graduate of Loyola University with a master’s in Clinical Mental Health and Wesley Theological Seminary with a MDiv degree, Holley is an Ordained minister and serves as an Associate Minister for a church in the Washington DC Metropolitan area. Her clients benefit greatly from the intersectionality of her approach that aligns practical tools with a sound spiritual foundation.

About Her Book – The Guide to Opening a Private Practice: Developing the Entrepreneur Within You God’s Way

What do you get when you mix the reflective introspection of a therapist with the strategic foresight of a business coach? You get The Guide to Opening Private Practice by Jamice A. Holley. In this narrative guide, Holley walks future private practice owners through her own personal pains and triumphs to realizing her dream of securing her first private practice. While telling her story, Holley masterfully outlines what a therapist seeking to create their own practice must do to ensure a successful start to launching their business. 

In this book, you’ll learn:

  • How to center yourself for the work of building your practice
  • Holley’s story of building her business
  • Holley’s entrepreneurial lessons
  • How to get started
  • Steps to establishing your private practice

The Guide to Opening Your Private Practice is a great gift, guide, and foundation for therapists interested in opening a stand-alone business. If you’re ready to bet on yourself, this is the book for you.

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