Author Spotlight – Joyce Smith

After years of reading work spawned from everyone else’s imagination, Joyce decided to put pen to paper and create a few of her own. Her first attempt was a Christmas story in the 8th grade. The class found it comical; it was meant to be a tragedy. Later, those stories became a launching pad for skits, short stories, films, a novel, and several plays. Joyce has won multiple awards as a writer whose productions have garnered entrance into festivals across the country. Her goal is to write, so people are shocked when they realize there is a method to the madness and a message amidst the crafted chaos.

 An educator, minister, and leader in the fight for stronger families, mental health, and victims of human trafficking, her outreach efforts include raising awareness by participating in community events, speaking engagements, and training groups for frontline work in brothels, strip clubs, and on high trafficked streets. 

As the director of the ME Foundation, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to impart knowledge, change mindsets, and invoke a renewed purpose for living, Joyce provides small group facilitation, motivational speaking, coaching, and leadership training. 

About Her Book – Daddy Syndrome

Tonya Peterson is the spoiled daughter of a lower-class family whose father works hard to give her the best of everything. When her father can no longer deal with her mother’s controlling ways, he leaves, and the life Tonya cherished comes to an abrupt halt. Fueled by the void in her heart and the taunts of the neighborhood girls she once scorned, Tonya uses her street smarts and feminine wiles to get far away from her crumbling family. Years later, now a successful businesswoman and single mother, the sins of Tonya’s past are revisited in her daughter Trixie’s rebellious and destructive behavior. Tonya, who soon realizes she doesn’t have all the answers, must turn to her estranged family, including Trixie’s father, for help. As things began to spiral out of control, the battle between both parents’ rages and Trixie, caught in the crossfire, is crumbling under the pressure.

“Each child we birth reflects ourselves, and what we don’t conquer in our lives will confront our children. The readers will relate to this subject.”  Award-winning Author Joan Montreuil

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