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Lakelar R. Cook is a business woman, a certified financial coach, and the founder of KC’s Financial/Life Master Coaching Boutique Cook is also the Founder of KKGB Boutique (a custom gift basket and craft boutique Lakelar is a real estate agent. She is the CEO and founder of Fablupus

Fablupus Ent. is a platform dedicated to helping others become their best selves regardless of what life throws at them. Fablupus Ent. was inspired by Lakelar and her 16-year-old being diagnosed with lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. 

Being diagnosed caused a great deal of trauma, hardships, and life changes for them both. Lakelar realized that she wasn’t going through the life changes for just herself but that God had a purpose for her living with the disease. So she decided to give it her all to provide hope and guidance for those struggling with the same diagnoses. 

Lakelar wanted to inspire and uplift people while on their journeys of the lupus battle. Lakelar R. Cook is the daughter of Billy Baldon and Malon V. Graham. She is the proud mother of four beautiful children. She is an expert in chronic illness, single parenting, surviving trauma, gaining financial peace, and self-education. 

Lakelar R. Cook is a mother, mentor, sister, and faith-filled woman. This book was given to Lakelar by God years ago, but in her disobedience, she failed to release it. During a very difficult time in 2021, it manifested and resurfaced again. 

This time she knew she had to obey the Lord’s call. This became more than a book for Lakelar. It became a real movement. She needed to release what God needed to be released to help others get to their rightful places with God and in life.

About Her Book – From FabLupusly Confined 2 Fabulously Free

The time is now to say goodbye to your past, maximize your life’s full potential, let go of your fears, and embrace your purposed life more abundantly

If you have ever found yourself asking, “Where do I go from here, and how can I grow from here?” Lakelar Cook truly believes everyone has an opportunity to dig deeper inside themselves and grow. Lakelar reminds us that everyone goes through hard times and great disappointment. Traumas can hurt and almost destroy you if you’re not equipped to survive. 

Secret pains and devastating loss can feel heavy as you try to carry the weight alone. Lakelar knows all too well the personal destruction life can sometimes bring. She battled sickness from birth. She was raped and molested repeatedly as a young child and teen. She became a teenage mother at sixteen. She married into an abusive marriage at age twenty-one, only to separate and become a single mom of three by twenty-six. 

Everyone will mess up at some point, but if you’re willing to grow and emerge immensely from the hardships or hard times, there’s greatness on the other side. Sometimes the best of our true identities are birthed through the darkest moments. 

From FabLupusly Confined 2 Fabulously Free helps you transition from focusing on your fears, past traumas and pains, insecurities, bad decisions, greatest mistakes, and uncertainties to using and focusing on all those things to walk more boldly in your purpose. 

Breaking through to a wonderful future, all with endless possibilities. Lakelar has shared some of her toughest times in life with you, and she wants to help you get to a better place despite the obstacles that have tried to block you. 

This book is for you if you want to: 

• Discover who God is and trust His timing
• Start from scratch (because it’s sometimes better)
• Stop being swayed by distractions, disruptions, and delays
• Learn how to stay anchored in the undoings of life
• Discover how to better channel misplaced emotions 
• Practice more self-love and live with no excuses more freely and abundantly 
• Heal to rebuild and reflect on forgiving so you’re not trapped in brokenness 

Make the decision to No longer allow Circumstances to Define You. You never have to live being defined or consumed by your past. Start to attach yourself to who you are today. Do not stay stuck on who you were before. Your life has a purpose that will change with growth because God elevates you more and more as you begin to work and walk life out with him. So, “stop subcontracting the blueprint and overcome the absolute foolery of it all.”

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