Author Spotlight – Kenyani Henderson

Kenyani Shanai Henderson serves as the Director of Dance and Dance Coordinator for the School of Ministry at Resting Place House of Prayer and Revival Center, an Adjunct Professor of Dance Education at Seton Hall University, and the Founder/Artistic Director of Soul Xpressiion School of the Arts in NJ, USA.

She has combined her classical dance training and over two decades of ministry experience to mentor and develop leaders and dance ministries across the country. Kenyani Shanai is the recipient of the Best in Education award from NJ Black Businesses, the National Council of Negro Women’s Leadership in Dance Education Award, and a featured presenter at various conferences, including the NJ Christian Arts Gathering, SELAH Christian Creatives and Entrepreneurs Gathering, and the NJ Occupational Therapy Association and American Occupational Therapy Association. Kenyani Shanai continues to find much joy in helping others develop and soar for the Kingdom of God.  To learn more about Kenyani Shanai, visit

About Her Book – Instrument of Dance

Instrument of Dance is a reflective journaling guide for every dancer called to the ministry of dance. The story takes the perspective of each dancer as God’s distinctively created instruments for worship and leadership. The story captures moments of Kenyani Shanai’s personal journey of exploring her identity as the Lord’s instrument of dance while providing biblical support and journal questions to help readers identify their own unique purpose and sound. 

As a woman who has devoted her dance to God, Kenyani Shanai understands what it means to be created specifically to worship God. Stewarding your gift of dance takes perspective, position, practice, and prayer. It’s a specific lifestyle that every worshiper must develop to grow. There’s something so special and rewarding about our personal reflections on areas God desires to strengthen us and provide deeper revelation. This book will help you discover your own unique sound, how to embrace and utilize that sound corporately within worship, and to lead with greater confidence in your call to the ministry of dance. 

In this book, you’ll learn: 

  • What it means to be God’s instrument of dance.
  • How to identify your unique sound and call to dance ministry.
  • How to maintain your instrument and keep in tune with the Lord.
  • Practical activations to challenge your growth as a dance worshiper.

To learn more about Shante’ Edgehill, send an email (IG :yourgirlshante )

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