Author Spotlight – Lori Chambers

Lori Chambers was born in 1985 in the Germantown section of Philadelphia. She is the creator of Finding Empowerment Through Education Publishing, Inc. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in English at the historically Black Clark Atlanta University. Her conceptual framework for education revolution over the years conceived New Element, a collection of educational researchers creating courses, programs, values, and culture based on the ideas she has developed over the years.

New Element is an ever-evolving curriculum designed to be taught to all ages. As a newly established education publisher and author, she intends to collaborate with every sector to develop and redistribute her works in the form of academic research, textbooks, shows, classes, and games to form a new culture of meaningful work and self-determination. She currently lives in her hometown of Philly with her girlfriend, caring for her father and developing new content.

About Her Book – Remember and Transform

In Remember and Transform, Lori Chambers introduces herself to the non-fiction scene as one of the most innovative and dynamic thinkers of our day. Her audacious attitude towards education reform is infectious and inspiring. Have you ever wanted to control the information our children receive? Would you like to write your own curriculum? Or create your own courses and textbooks? 

Chronicling her career in education activism to laying out her detailed guide for replicating her success, this book serves as a guiding light to young leaders and concerned citizens who yearn to contribute more to the solution in lieu of discussion. Part one is a narrative of Lori’s own public school journey and bumps, bruises, and revelations that inspired her desire to revive the love of learning within the Black community. 

Lori closes with practical solutions to reform today’s American education crisis and societal ills resulting from a lack of education that has endured for generations. This is a call of action to readers to make a change where they are now through her philosophies of collective work and responsibility coupled with self-mastery. It is an exciting excursion into self. Reading this book teaches you not to demand change but rather actively work towards it. This is her vision of remembrance and transformation of the future of education.

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