Author Spotlight – Louise Bannerman

Louise Bannerman is a certified life coach, spiritual transformation coach, prayer intercessor, woman of great faith, speaker, teacher, and writer. She strives to touch the lives of abused women to build self-awareness, self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-love. Through her different programs: 90 Days of Spiritual Transformation, 90 Days of Financial Transformation, and her 31 Days Series she is changing lives one day at a time.

Louise is a member of Motown Writers and The Called and Ready Writers. She began writing at fourteen. This is her fourth published book. She has also published Living with Victory after Past Mistakes,

A is for Alex, and 12 Weeks of Health and Wellness.

In 2016, Louise married Mr. George Osemwengie Enabulele. He is a dedicated husband, and between the two of them, they have three sons: Dwayne Jr., Darryl Jr., and George Jr. They have two beautiful grandchildren: Alex III and Alexis. They live in Detroit, MI.

About Her Book – The Three of Me

The Three of Me is told by a Christian woman, who on her own discovered at the age of 14 she had three distinguished voices inside her head, and all three wanted to be heard. In her story, she describes the lives of each of her personalities.

In the end, she discovers that she is whole, having one mind, one body, and one soul, and is happy with her true self.

The question for the day would be, “Who am I today?” The Christian woman had three answers to choose from: a saint in the church, a lady in the streets, or a tiger in the bedroom. How many times have those words floated from her mouth?

The problem was figuring out which of the three was ready to play the role. And that, my friend, has been the story of her life. Which of the three will have more influence or strive for attention today? Yes, there has been a struggle along the way. Who am I today?

In this memoir, there will be solutions to identifying who you are and not settling for labels that people will try to assign to you. It’s important to know that “other people’s opinion of you does not have to be your reality” – Les Brown. 

The Christian woman had lived this life and dealt with three personalities or Multiple Personality Disorder. She takes you on a journey with her book, showing you hope and a future.

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