Author Spotlight – Marquita Young

Marquita Young lives in Jacksonville, Florida, with her husband and two children. She is a Navy vet, entrepreneur, and lifelong student. Marquita fell in love with writing in Junior high school when she began writing poetry. Since that time, she has written lots of poetry and many short stories over the years, but GameChanger is the first of her finished works to be published.

Marquita Young Author of Game Changer

After years of keeping her work under lock and key, she finally decided to share pieces of this GameChanger with friends and family. Leaving them in suspense of what would become of the characters. They were eager to
read the book and encouraged her to complete it so that they could have the chance to read it in its entirety. That helped to give her the push that she needed to complete and publish one of her works of art. While she could have chosen any of her unfinished writings to complete and publish, she wants her readers to have the experience, feelings, and emotions from reading the whole book.

This book is the last book she started writing, and the first one to be completed, and she is honored to share it with you. Marquita has taken a liking to write fiction in the genre of Drama, the subcategory Urban Drama. While GameChanger is her first book, it will not be the last, so keep your eyes peeled for more. Her books will keep you turning the pages to find out what happens next!

About Her Book – Becoming the Boss Wife

Would your Risk everything for fast money? 

Michelle and Charles are a couple that has experienced some ups and downs early in their relationship.  One of those downs is financially trying to get on their feet so that Michelle can open her dream salon, and so they can start a Family.  They have been saving at a slow pace but her Cousin Belinda presents her with an opportunity of a lifetime.  This opportunity will allow her to make some quick money in a short time and help her and Charles reach their goals sooner rather than later. They struggle with whether they should take advantage of the chance to make big money quick considering that taking this chance has the potential to ruin their relationship and all that they are trying to build.  Will Charles and Michelle listen to their gut or risk everything for fast cash?

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