Author Spotlight – Melinda Taylor

Her name is Melinda Taylor. To some, she’s Linda, and to others, she’s Dr. Taylor. Of her many called names, the most important to her are Mom and Nina (Grandma).  As a single parent, she was busy taking care of the needs of her daughter.

Melinda Taylor author of Awakened: My Journey from Pain into Purpose

Dr. Melinda Taylor resides in Eastampton, New Jersey. She is an Intervention Mammography Specialist caring for women with breast cancer for the past four decades. This career was chosen long before her journey as a sold-out believer and a child of the King.

She received her doctorate degree from J D Price Theological Bible College and has pressed toward the mark of remaining well-rounded in achievement that includes an Author, Missionary in St. Thomas, Virgin Island, Instructor of Purity with a Purpose, Speaking Engagements, Faithful Woman of the Year Award and Founder of Woman Encouraging and Transforming Lives (W.E.T.L.).

About Her Book – Awakened: My Journey from Pain into Purpose

In Awakened: My Journey from Pain into Purpose, I will show you how I’ve been awakened to the purpose and plan that God had destined for me by standing on His biblical principles. In this book, you will travel through the trials, tribulations, and challenges that tried to knock me down. My faith in God allowed me to overcome all that came my way, and I became the victor instead of the victim. This book is for all single women — either a single parent or single after divorce or widowed — it is to let you know whatever adversities may come your way, God is your healer, He is your provider, He is your advocate, He is your comforter and so much more. Through your pain, God will show you how your past will become the blueprint for your future which is His design.

Allow the Holy Spirit to awaken you then His Spirit will enter your soul, and you will become alive. You will feel different in a way you can’t quite explain. Your life will seem brighter and clearer. He will open up and be made real to you, in a personal way and at a personal level.

You will understand by having a relationship with God how powerful He is and why He created you. You will begin to sense deep within what only you can naturally comprehend. I found through my journey there is so much more to life than what you can see, taste, smell, or feel. When you receive the Spirit of God, you will begin to fully understand the purpose and reason for your existence.

In your reading, you will see how God changed me. I finally came to a point in my life where I not only know who I am, but I know who I am. I am now walking in the divine manifestation of God. You see, purpose and awakening go hand and hand when you come to know why you were put here on earth. The only way you will know this is by communion with God, your maker. As you hunger and thirst for more of God, He will give you just that, more of Him. God is the only one who truly knows what is best for you.

He is the only one who can mold and shape you. If you live your life accidentally, you will never find true fulfillment. God cares for you, and His plans for you are always good, never evil. You must believe what God said about you is true. He will guide you and awaken you to the way He sees things.

You, too, might have been like me – abused, emotionally and physically. You may feel like you have no value or self-worth. Saying things like, “God could never bring me back from this. I have done some things I am so ashamed of.” God could take that stain out of your life and transform you into His marvelous light like he did me. 

Now I will take you down the road that led me to who I am today. I hope that the Holy Spirit will also lead you through your adversities as you travel with me. I believe that you can overcome any challenge that may come your way and receive your victory with God.

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