Author Spotlight – Phyllis Riles

Phyllis Carter-Riles, RN, “the Kingdom nurse,” is the founder of Phyllis C. Riles LLC. Through her consulting firm Phyllis C. Riles Consulting, Phyllis has dedicated her life and career to sharing her healthcare knowledge with people across various sectors, including the Church. Her love for God’s people and her passion for teaching prompted the formation of the Rapha Health Ministry at her church.

This program with an adaptable curriculum became the avenue through which she has launched many health events and programs developed to usher people into prosperous, healthy lives.

A devoted, lifelong learner, Phyllis has utilized her Nursing and Health Administration degrees along with other advanced certifications—including the coveted Certification in Infection Control (CIC)—to promote health through innovative and insightful topics. Voted the Kingdom Business Network (KBN) 2021 World Leader of the Year, Phyllis seeks opportunities to help others achieve health and wholeness through natural strategies and Biblical principles. 

Phyllis lives in Texas with her husband James, their adult children, seven grandchildren, and “fur girl” Ginger. To learn more about Phyllis and the educational or consulting services she provides, please visit

About Her Book – Healthcare And The Church

How can the Church not only address individuals with health concerns but also strengthen and support them through education as well as prayer?

God’s covenant promises of health to Abraham and His provision of healing through redemption by Jesus Christ are activated by a collaboration belief and action. God and Man working together have always been the divine intent. As the Church—the spiritual Body of Jesus Christ on the earth—we are to be an expression of His heart and hands extended to release His unfailing CARE through us to the communities and the world around us.

3 John 2 (NIV) states: “I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.” 

  • Can that pursuit of the Church be translated into healthcare awareness? 
  • Is it possible for the Church to be a hub of healthcare coordination for the community?

In Health-CARE and the Church: A Shared Focus, Phyllis C. Riles, draws upon her extensive experience and specialized background in both arenas to reveal the complimentary parallels between the operation and goals of the Church and healthcare to promote health and wellness for spirit, soul, and body. 

Discover how you can: 

  • Be a change agent in communities through Kingdom Care and Health Care 
  • Dispel stigmas and biases that hinder effective health care and ministry
  •  Awaken to your role—especially to the “least of these” in need

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