Author Spotlight – Ramonda Agnew

Ramonda is a sought-after speaker who believes there is power in our words and how important it is to establish a positive mindset.

Through her own personal challenges from divorce to becoming a single mom, she knows first-hand what it is to overcome life challenges and fight for time to commit to yourself. Her expertise is helping her audience to evolve, become a better version of themselves, and find purpose as she propels her audience to move forward into their destiny.

Ramonda Agnew author of Create Room for a Better You

She delivers a powerful message that is relatable and relevant for engagements such as Conferences, Commencement ceremonies, panels, workshops, meetings, retreats, and seminars.

She also developed an online course designed to enhance this book; “Moms Personal Development Online Course” created for Moms who feel stuck. This digital course will teach strategies on how to obtain discipline to achieve goals which will enable you to evolve and move from stuck to forward.

 Founder of Affirm H.E.R(Heal. Evolve. Renew)

Empowering and impacting Women. 

We encourage women to become a better version of themselves, Evolve, and Activate Purpose.

We use various platforms throughout the community; such as speaking engagements, Coffee &Conversations, Empower Brunches, conferences, community service, etc. We have local meetups surrounding the Middle TN area.

About Her Book – Create Room for a Better You

You have overstuffed your life with everything. Tell me, have you made room for you? 

We all want to be better, but we don’t always do what is necessary to have better in our lives. In order to have what you never had; you must create room in your life, commit to yourself, and do the work to become your best self.   

Rebuilding your life after divorce is not easy. If you are a woman who just can’t find the time to commit to yourself. Do you go through constant cycles of trying to achieve your goals, lack of motivation, and struggling with overcoming the challenges of life? This book will provide you with techniques and hands-on activities that will thrust your life forward to the highest version of you and open doors to your next level of success!

Create Room for a Better You is a self-development book written by Ramonda C. Agnew. 

Former CEO and founder of IC Events and Marketing, Founder of Affirm H.E.R (Heal. Evolve. Restore); Encourage women to become a better version of themselves, teach them how to overcome challenges and achieve goals; Ramonda is an Author, Speaker, Life Coach, and publisher of “Mondy” every day; an Instagram vlog @Ramonda_Cherise that drops inspirational nuggets on Mondays that will keep you motivated all week long.

From overcoming mental abuse, and divorce to being a single mother; while struggling to find her own identity. She knows first-hand how difficult it can be to find time for yourself. She always felt she had more inside of her to give; to specifically hurting women, but she didn’t know how to stir the gifts within her. The lack of motivation and lack of discipline, while maneuvering through life challenges held her stagnant and in bondage. She goes into great detail about how she was able to overcome this. In this book, she reveals the strategies she used for rebuilding her life after divorce. She struggles with self-doubt, self-love, being her authentic self, and time management. Her witty life skills will help you evolve into the person you need to become to achieve what you desire. You will get out of the place of procrastination and move from stuck to forward. Create Room for a better you and stop the cycles that have been holding you back.

 Are you trying to find life after divorce? Do you struggle with finding time to commit to yourself? Do you feel like you have more inside of you and life challenges won’t let you be great? Are you a woman struggling with time management and tired of going through the same cycle of accomplishing goals? Do you struggle with being authentic?  If you are looking for a guide to help you through life challenges. Create Room for a Better You; is the navigator tool that will help you get to the better version you desire.

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