Author Spotlight – Shelia Walker

Shelia Walker is the founder of Bread of Life Ministries, a weekly podcast that encourages spiritual, emotional, and mental wellness through a relationship with GOD, JESUS, and THE HOLY SPIRIT.

She obtained her degree in Biblical Studies from Midwest Bible College. In her professional career, she has over 20 of experience as an Education and Training Specialist. She currently resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with her husband, Jesse, and their family.

About Her Book – Life Lessons: Helping people overcome their mountains, trials, and storms of life

This book is a collection of The Journey (my walk), The Fight (my struggles, my trials), and The Win (my victories). 

Life happens. That’s a given. This book will help you understand to not give in to the storm. Not to accept defeat. To not give up and bow down to the storm. But to dig deep and fight through the storm.

The winds have changed. It’s time for us to adjust our sails so the storm won’t destroy us naturally and spiritually.

(In my Cantrell voice) Let’s Goooooooooo!!

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