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Tracy Faith Kawa is a Career Catalyst, Trainer, Success Coach, sought-after Author, Speaker, Podcaster, and Champion of Children and Community Advocate who is dedicated to improving the lives of business professionals, teams, and families.

In her first book, “The Seven Pillars of Reinvention: Finding Your Passion & Purpose,” Tracy helps you explore the right questions needed to identify that which you are most passionate about.  In her second book, “Faith, Hope, & Options – A Mid-Career Transitioner’s Bible,” Tracy shares her system for career development. 

Tracy Kawa author of Faith, Hope, Options:  The Mid-Career Transitioner’s Bible

Tracy has devoted over two decades to counseling, supporting, and perfecting professional branding for businesses & professionals.  She uses her skills and proven systems, along with her original process using the Kawa Business Assessment Tool (KBAT), to benefit hundreds of entrepreneurs, professionals, and organizations resulting in securing desired career positions and promotions, navigating career transitions, and implementing successful business launches, creative branding, and effective messaging campaigns.  

From a Chief Technology Officer securing an additional $13.5 million in funding via Tracy’s expertise in value proposition and positioning to start-ups and nonprofits winning $10,000 in competition prizes via powerful presentation and delivery coaching, Tracy and her team at Kawa Community Partners help build clarity, confidence, and certainty ​​ always beginning with assessing professionals and their unique business makeup, or ‘DNA’!  Today, Tracy leads a team of Coaches in implementing the science behind KBAT to support their clients in building career security and success! 

Control your Life and eliminate working just to help someone else reach their goals. Focus on your Mindset and keep it right for success. Create Action Steps to reach YOUR goals for your career, your future, and your family!

Tracy can be found on the Franchise Woman Podcast – Where Passion & Purpose Collide, Profits are Made and Relationships Forged – and on the American Society for the Positive Care of Children’s (American SPCC’s) show, A Brighter Future Starts Here.

Her commitment to her community has been demonstrated through her present and past board positions, including the American SPCC, the National Association of Women Business Owners South Florida (NAWBO), the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County, the Jewish Education Center of South Florida (JEC), and as co-founder of the Center for Youth Activities (YAC). 

Tracy is passionate about connecting individuals to their communities and to their calling, supporting them in climbing upon their highest vision of themselves, and harnessing their God-given gifts and talents to thrive in their careers!

Tracy is a requested presenter, keynote speaker, and facilitator at events, retreats, graduations, and galas.  Visit for more information. 

About Her Book – Faith, Hope, & Options: A Mid-Career Transitioner’s Bible

We each envision job security in our own way. For many, this looks like a corporate job with good health insurance, PTO, a solid retirement plan, and a 9-5 clock to punch each day. What mid-career professionals realize, and what COVID and the Delta Variant have reinforced, is that there is no longer job security in “secure jobs.” Employees, managers, and even executives are furloughed. Companies close while others are restructured. We see mergers and acquisitions eliminate the need for duplicate executives and teams on a daily basis. Even if you are the last one to turn off the lights on the way out, there’s still no way around the fact that you’re on your way out. 

It’s time to rethink the way we look at “career security.” Yesterday’s hobbies and interests are likely to become full-time entrepreneurship opportunities. Side hustles are en vogue. Let’s face it, you most likely won’t be at your job forever, so the least you can do is make sure that you love what you are doing.  This entails ensuring that you are using all of your skills and talents while cultivating new ones, and that you are working with a company that proves to be a good fit for you right now! 

Faith, Hope, & Options: A Mid-Career Transitioner’s Bible is a book based on Faith for any religion. You see, when you have God as the CEO of your life and your career, you can step out on faith and into the career of your dreams. All you need is a little self-love, Godly guidance, and a good assessment to help you peer into your blind spots so that you know how to re-align yourself, your values, and your personal team when all heck breaks loose… while still making the best decisions that you can, for yourself, your family and your future!

In Tracy Kawa’s 20+ year career in coaching, training, and talent development, there’s one thing she knows for sure: every person on this planet has gifts and talents. She explored this in her first book, The Seven Pillars of Reinvention: Finding Your Passion & Purpose. Now, Tracy brings you the most modern and best practices harvested through assessing and interviewing hundreds of successful individuals, with the support of KBAT, the Kawa Business Assessment Tool, and guiding these professionals gracefully through career transitions. It’s time to shatter the narrow vision that we hold of ourselves in order for us to each step into our greatness!

Read Faith, Hope, & Options, A Mid-Career Transitioner’s Bible, and be Blessed with Success!

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