Author Spotlight – Vernicia Eure

From the tumultuous days as a teen to the sobering years as a single adult, Vernicia T. Eure thought she would be forever secure, desired, and loved in a relationship with her prince charming. She was wrong. Relationship after relationship…heartbreak after heartbreak, her self-esteemed took a dive and her confidence became almost non-existent. If she did not change something soon, she was going to forfeit her true identity, freedom, and purpose.

It became evident through each step of her journey that a man was not going to bring the total fulfillment Vernicia needed. Through deliberate choices, spiritual mentorship, and God’s guidance, she found out that her true identity, security, and freedom were in Christ alone and no one else. In Stepping Into Purity, Vernicia’s desire is to help single women break free from a cycle of unwise relationship choices and enter a lifestyle that builds confidence, promotes healthy self-esteem, and establishes wise boundaries in dating. Vernicia has a M.A. in Human Services Counseling and serves as Client Services Director at a medical clinic in Northern Virginia. She has counseled hundreds of single and married women for over 15 years. She provides personal coaching consultations and can be contacted at

About Her Book – Stepping Into Purity

Stepping Into Purity is more than a beautifully crafted compilation of real-life stories and practical strategies pooled together to help searchers experience new levels of purity in Christ. It is a treasure chest of insight that paints a practical picture of the natural progression of pain to purpose through, with, and by the obsessively effective and efficient love of God. In it, you read stories. You witness real-life journeys. You engage. You interact with activities designed to usher you into your own journey of healing and restoration in Christ.

Read this book. Live this book. Find yourself in any of the real lives of real people on the path to purity. Don’t wait. Take the first step today.

Cinder-Ella Pierce

Stepping Into Purity is a raw and open testimonial of understanding the consequences to sex outside of marriage. It’s a clear explanation of flesh versus biblical principles as to the reason sex was designed for a man and a woman and the importance of the intimate bond with a married partner. Step by step, this book helps guide us to renew ourselves in every way. Great read!

Susie Hawthorne

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