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April 16th - 30th from 7-10 PM

Turn Your Book Into A Course In 3-Weeks

Turn Your Book Into A Course In 3-Weeks

Book to Course Accelerator

Book to Course Accelerator


This is a three-week accelerator for authors. It teaches you how to turn your book into a money-making course in just three weeks. Book To Course is an easy-to-follow, plug-and-play system to help you make additional income as a brand and author!

Your investment includes: 

$2500 value only one payment of $997
Payment Plans via AfterPay

Who Is This For?

We created the Book to Course Accelerator for brands and authors who want to accompany their book with even more in depth information and tips for their clients and:

Who are tired of not making money from their books
Are interested in a proven plug-and-play system for generating consistent revenue using the content and wisdom from their written manuscripts
Who have a desire to help others achieve transformation

If you are like most indie authors, you wrote your book to impact and transform the lives of others.

If you are like most indie authors, you wrote your book to impact and transform the lives of others.

You have poured your all into telling your story and sharing your expertise.

You know that your book will transform anyone that reads it.

Better yet, you know that your book is a guide, and your story can become a strategy for others to follow.

If you are an author and you are interested in making more by transferring your written content into an online course, this program is for you.

Here’s how the accelerator works

Once you pay you will have immediate access to the Book To Course Online Course. You can immediately start working through the modules.

Week One

We will review the fundamentals of a good course and how to plug and play your book, and best practices for creating your course.

Week Two

We will review how to create, present, record, and host your course. We will coach you through the course production process, including encouraging you to start creating your course during our nightly sessions.

Week Three

We will review the basic fundamentals of a good launch, how to create your course community, and how to organize a pre-launch campaign.

After Three Weeks, you will have a completed course ready to be uploaded to your course hosting platform, and a strategy to launch

Book To Course Online Course Includes

Module One: The fundamentals of a good course

Module Two: Plug and Play Your Book

Module Three: Create your course

Module Four: Launch your course

Led by expert marketer and influencer Chanel E. Martin

Chanel E. Martin is an award-winning technology founder, business mentor, and founder of Beyond The Book Media. - Martin helps brands write manuscripts in 21 days and publish niche books. Using her book writing formula, Chanel has taught thousands how to complete manuscripts in record time!

Chanel is also the Co-Visionary of Kingdom Business Network - the largest Christian Entrepreneur Club on the Clubhouse App. Kingdom Business Network, also known as KBN, hosts 14 recurring rooms and reaches over 90K+ members nationwide! A busy wife, mom of four, ordained minister, Chanel has cracked the code on how to be a successful “authorpreneur”.

Chanel and her brands have been featured in national publications and broadcasts including The Real, BET, Black Enterprise, Essence, Ebony, Forbes, Yahoo, Business Insider, and more.

This is your change to be able to impact even more lives with your published book.

This is your chance to be able to impact even more lives with your published book.



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