Kingdom Scribes Author Spotlight Tiffany McCormick

Author of ‘Why Didn’t It Work?

Kingdom Business Network & Beyond The Book Media had the pleasure to interview Tiffany McCormick as our Kingdom Scribes featured Author for the month of April. Tiffany recently published her first book “Why Didn’t It Work”, and we got the chance to sit with her and ask a few questions about her book, the writing and publishing process, and why she chose Beyond The Book Media to help her along the journey. Beyond The Book Media transforms faith-based business owners into becoming the AUTHORITY in their niche and Tiffany is the perfect example of what that looks like. Please find the full interview below.

BTBM: Please tell us about yourself.

Tiffany: I am a loving wife, mother of 3, and happy to say an authentic Georgia Peach. I have my B.S. in Applied Mathematics and a minor in Economics from GaTech and a MBA and an MPA from Kennesaw State University. Ultimately, I want to aid in the creation of public-private partnerships that benefit the exploited and underprivileged. In addition, I have 10 years of pricing and revenue optimization experience working for top Fortune 100 companies managing portfolios from $1 million to $1 billion. I am a serial entrepreneur, a real estate investor, and consultant

BTBM: Tell us about your book and who your book is for?

Tiffany: My book goes through my journey of struggling with why the promises of the Bible weren’t operating in my life consistently and the different prayers, scriptures, lessons, and practical steps Holy Spirit used to help me along the way. I want this book to help other Christians who are stuck where I was wondering “why didn’t it work” and to see God’s love for them

BTBM: What are the top three takeaways you would like your readers to walk away with?

Tiffany: There are several scriptures, examples, and practical steps about why despite having faith, things may not be working in their lives that my readers can learn. Here are the top 3 takeaways. The number one main point that I hope they learn is that God is not the problem, He’s the solution. He’s eternally perfect so no matter what has happened, is happening, or will happen, stay on God’s side. The second point is that they are not alone. I talk about my struggles seeing other people with a lifestyle or family or looks that I wanted and how God helped me through that. Especially in this social media age where so many people’s lives look glamorous and likes/follows/shares are popularity contests we can let comparison come in but 2 Corinthians 10 talks about the ignorance in comparing ourselves with the wrong people when our real standard is Jesus. The third point I want them to learn is actually the title of chapter 6, we are victorious. Life can be so many things: wonderful, joyous, fun, hard, disappointing, painful, etc. but we have to anchor ourselves in the belief that we are loved with an overwhelming love and in the end we win.

BTBM: What inspired you to write your book?

Tiffany: I felt as if I was prompted by God to write a book and it was weird because I hadn’t really thought about writing a book before but I wanted to be obedient so I immediately joined a 21 day write your book challenge and started writing the book a week later. As I was praying about what I was supposed to write and thinking it over, I heard someone on a random podcast say “books can travel miles and go to places we’ll never see” and it just clicked for me. I had the desire to share a part of my testimony in a way that would help people I would never meet. I wanted to tell everybody of His wondrous works like in Psalm 105. 

BTBM: Tell us a little bit about your writing process? Do you use a unique method? What did the beginning stages entail for you?

Tiffany: I joined the 21 day writing boot camp and started with the evening writing sessions. Then I took a few days a week to wake up early, about an hour or 2 before it was time to get the kids up and start writing. In the beginning, I made my outline of major themes but I found that when I sat down to write, I filled in the chapters very randomly and in no particular order.  I kept my most updated manuscript in my google docs so that if I had a thought of something good to put in the book or if a scripture randomly came to mind, I could add it in immediately as long as I had my phone.

BTBM: In terms of publishing, what was that process like for you? And why did you choose BTBM?

Tiffany: I chose BTBM because I wanted a “done for me” publishing option and I trusted the BTBM team to get it done right.

BTBM: What advice would you give to authors or even entrepreneurs wanting to start or those in the process of writing a book?

Tiffany: Just start writing! I had so much going on when God prompted me to start my book: work, school, kids, buying a pizzeria, church responsibilities, and etc. I didn’t know how I was going to write a book, but God graced me to get it done and He moved things around on my calendar to give me time to write during times when I thought I wouldn’t have the time.

BTBM: Where can people find your book and support you?

Tiffany: They can find my book on Amazon and they can also follow me on Instagram @TheFamilyEconomicsTeacher

BTBM: What is next for you and your brand? What can we look forward to in the coming months or years?

Tiffany: I’m launching an investment course for Christians to learn how to invest with God by the end of the year (2023). Follow me on IG to stay tuned. @TheFamilyEconomicsTeacher

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