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Edward Freeman
Edward Freeman

Please tell us about yourself .

My name is Edward Freeman, and I am a 21-year old author, motivational speaker, and aspiring medical doctor. I am a 4th-year Biology Major minoring in Spanish at The Georgia Institute of Technology. I live by one simple rule: Playing small does not serve the world, who am I not to be great?

My passion is to spark creativity and effect positive change through service and leadership. Through my passion, I am able to create on purpose and impact lives all over the world. When not studying or writing,I love to spend quality time with friends and family, study other cultures through travel and language, and write.

Are you a brand or business owner? If so can you tell us about the products and services you offer?

Yes! I am a motivational speaker and foreign language tutor. In the past, I have spoken and moderated for various panels and given keynote addresses. Additionally, I tutor in Spanish and French.

How has writing a book helped your business or brand?

Writing a book has helped my personal brand tremendously. I never knew so many people were experiencing the same things I was until I published. Several people have reached out for me for various features and collaborations based on my book. Releasing my book has been the smartest move of 2020.

Tell us about your book.

I wrote Standing: Stand On Who You Were Created To Be as a guide for people to ultimately become better versions of themselves. I feel that as young adults build their lives and ascend into their careers, they must double-check that what they are standing on is solid and stop going through the motions. It’s important that everyone stops in the midst of building our lives and evaluates where we are within every aspect of life to be in tune with ourselves. This includes dealing with low self-esteem, relationship issues, and our own negative mindsets. Every chapter in Standing deals with a different topic whether it be relationships, rejection, or building self-confidence. Standing is not just a word but it is a way of life.

What inspired you to write your book?

I was inspired to write my book during my second semester of sophomore year. Throughout middle and high school, I was bullied and had a hard time fitting in. I wasn’t an athlete or popular, I remained in my books. Being bullied led me to deal with low self-esteem and experience a lack of confidence and several rejections. This came with me to undergrad, and I had to learn to build myself up from the inside. As a young adult, I see many of my peers going through similar issues. I wrote my book as a guide to let people know that they need to stand on who they are, and the trials that they endure. Their difference is a gift to the world. The words of others or a relationship does not define a person, one must use their words to speak over their life. After dealing with insecurities for years, I had a revelation that the only person I could be is myself. After standing on the person God created me to be, everything in life aligned for me.

Who is your book for?

GenZ & Millenials

Where can people purchase your book?

Amazon Instagram or

What are the top three takeaways you would like your readers to walk away with?

To walk away with a greater sense of who they are and to be more secure in their identity.

Learn how to categorize and navigate through relationships.

To be able to better analyze their life and patterns to ensure that they on track to become the best version of themselves. This includes mental, physical, and spiritual wellness.

How can people connect with you?

What products/services are you going to include in your give away?

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