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Melanie E. Hall
Melanie E. Hall

Please tell us about yourself .

I am god fearing, a humble servant, and the mother of an adult, fraternal f/m twins. I am a civil chaplain on assignment. I have also birthed a deliverance and healing ministry (divine praise) the Lord gave to me. I am also a caregiver & doulatician.

Are you a brand or business owner? If so can you tell us about the products and services you offer?

Yes, I do advocacy and spiritual counseling. There is also sacred arts component where we minister through spoken word or song depending on the event

How has writing a book helped your business or brand?

My platform is racism. My book has provided opportunities at different events.

Tell us about your book.

The title of my book is poetry with a purpose. It is not traditional poetry. It is social poetry highlighting god, abuse, healing, overcoming, and racism. There is also a section on isms and special occasions.

What inspired you to write your book?

Not being able to publish my first book for legal reasons.

Who is your book for? (please be as specific as possible)

My book is for anyone who has struggled with victimization to victor.

Where can people purchase your book?

Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Facebook link.

What are the top three takeaways from your book?

Education, empowerment & encouragement.

How can people connect with you? Please give your website and social media links etc.

I am on fb as “Angel Melaine. Youtube. Website is under construction

What products/services are you going to include in your give away?

30 minute poetry reading, 30 minute birthing assessment to first time moms-3 tips amid Covid 19. 60 minute respite call for a caregiver.

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