Part Two: Your brand needs a book to position you as an authority in your niche

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Seven reasons to write and expert book for your brand: a seven-part blog series

Hopefully, after reading Part One, you understand why having an expert book as a brand or business owner can help you create multiple streams of income; in addition to the products and services, you already offer. Writing an expert book can create passive and low overhead revenue streams that can literally outlive you and/or your business. In addition to helping you to generate more revenue streams, it can also solidify you as an expert in your niche!

Why should you become an expert?

Well, the answer is a simple one, to have a competitive edge over your competition. In a day and age where literally anyone can start a business, it can be hard to stand out against your competitors. There are probably thousands of brands and businesses just like yours that offer similar products and services just like you. Although there are many factors in which people choose to work with one brand over another, at the end of the day, they want the best person for the job. When you position yourself as an authority or better yet expert in your niche, you make the decision to work with you easier. Your book is proof that you are an expert.

People buy from those they trust

What better way to earn the trust of your target audience by educating them on a topic that is going to help them make a transformation. Your book will help them solve a specific problem that will ultimately cause a positive transformation in their life, home, business, relationships, etc. When you can deliver positive results at a minimal cost, people are likely to purchase more premium products and services from you. You have proven to deliver results, and you are who you say you are. The proof is in the book!

You can help people better use your products and services

Let’s say you have a haircare brand. Your products are already providing a physical transformation helping your customers achieve a hair care goal. The catch is, they need to use your products correctly to obtain optimal results. Your expert book can be on how to use your products or hair products in general, to achieve their desired look. You can break down product usage, hair regimens, do’s, and don’ts, the possibilities are unlimited. It’s a win-win because not only can you sell your expert book, but you help your customers buy more from you in the process.

More brand exposure

As a former writer for Black Enterprise Magazine, my inbox was consistently filled with pitches from business owners wanting more exposure. The best way to gain more exposure is to position yourself as an expert by writing a book. Let me break it down for you like this. People, businesses, events, media, you name it, are always looking for experts. Experts help to support a claim, movement, purchase, decision, and more. People are looking to work with people who can speak fluently on specific topics. When you become an expert, you increase your chances of landing media and press opportunities significantly. If your goal is to be in an edition of your favorite magazine, become an expert, and share your knowledge. They will be looking for you.

Launch your speaking career

The self-improvement industry is estimated to be a $10 Billion industry and is growing every single day. As people opt out of taking expensive educational loans, they are looking for alternative ways to learn new or improve upon old skills. They are will to pay you to share your expertise. This is not limited to sharing how you launched XYZ business, either. The general population really just wants to learn how to do life better. Why can’t you be the expert teaching them! Before you know it, conferences, corporations, and schools will begin seeking you (and paying you) to educate their communities. And best of all, you can join the 10 Billion self-improvement industry by writing your expert book!

Your book is the blueprint

As I mentioned in Part One, your book will be the foundation and the blueprint for helping and coaching others. Use the chapters of your book to create mini-courses and sessions to help you coach and train others. Once you write your book, you will always have a guide and reference when asked to speak or teach on your expert topic. 

If you are reading this and are thinking to yourself, how in the world am I going to find the time to write a book? I have just the answer to your question! I host quarterly writing challenges to help brands, small business owners, coaches, and professionals write entire books in 7 days for free! All you have to do is register for our next challenge by visiting We have already helped hundreds of people complete manuscripts in record time, and we’d like to do the same for you!

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