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Make the most out of your membership

Meet your coaches

Nakeisa Jackson
Head Coach

Nakeisa Jackson is an author, speaker, wife, and mother of a bonus baby that she loves and adores. She grew up in the south of the United States from the beautiful state of Georgia but was raised in the city of Atlanta. Nakeisa has been writing since age eleven and started with fiction series’, poetry, songs, and cheers. She is the author of one published work, Life After HIV: Removing the Mask, and has a background in Nursing. She also coaches women on how to develop their relationship with God through coaching, blogs, her podcast, YouTube Channel, and events. Nakeisa lives by the motto, “Your future’s not determined by your past, rather your perseverance to keep getting up.”

Jasmine baker writing coach

Jasmine C.L. Baker
Writing Coach

She was born and raised in South Bend, IN and obtained her BA in Sociology from Michigan State University in East Lansing, MI. She is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling from Concordia University Wisconsin where she hopes to one day become a Licensed Practicing Therapist. She is an upcoming author and business owner in her own right, having written her first book, Grieve, Heal, Thrive, Repeat: Practical Tips on Navigating Grief and Loss, which will be available in Ebook version on March 11. In April 2020, she started her Christian Grief Coaching business, On Purpose Global Enterprises, LLC.

Deziree Paris writing coach

Deziree Gerrick
Writing Coach

Deziree Gerrick affectionately known as Deziree Paris, is a 21st-century revivalist who stands on the principle that the manifested presence of God will transform lives no matter if you are in the church or the marketplace.
She is a woman of grace that flows in the ministry gift of love, which manifests through her life in multiple ways, such as the Prophetic, inner healing, and Deliverance as well as preaching the empowering gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Deziree is an advocate for building healthy and whole women, who will become healthy and whole wives, that will build healthy and whole families to advance the Kingdom of God. She is a published author and a book-writing coach.

Cristal Davis
Writing Coach

Crystal Davis is a Minister, Transition (Life) Coach, Mentor, Speaker, Author of Fragile Freedom and Founder/CEO of Beautiful Exchange, LLC where the MISSION is to encourage, empower, and inspire young girls & women of diverse backgrounds & beliefs to PRESS towards Purpose …. As a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, and friend, she understands the value of honesty and trust – it is at the core of her being! Gifted to connect with others (never meeting a stranger) – she actively listens and pours from a wealth of knowledge and experience. A planter of positive seeds, she commands attention – without apology and shares without expectation from others. Her motto: Bringing Truth to Life is what she lives by.

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Marketing Library

1. How to build a community around your book
2. Starting a blog to promote your book and what you need to get started
3. Keys to successful book marketing
4. Leverage the content you already have to market your book
5. How audiobooks can be used to market your books
6. Your brand and your book needs Kartra
7. Messaging and Marketing for the Holiday Rush
8. Create a Solid Foundation For Expansion
Prayer is a pillar to success

Prayer & Motivation

1. The need for prayer to overcome distractions and warfare

2. Prayer session to get rid of blockage



1. Faith over fear when publishing
2. Keeping up with gods pace to have peace while publishing
3. Coming in Agreement with Being an Author



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