The Business of Books: Meet Bianca Modo Author of Unscarred: Prayers for Healing, A spiritual guide to overcoming abuse and misuse in relationships

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Please tell us about yourself.

Many people know me as the co-owner of L’Amour Chic Suites of Fayetteville, a scholar, an author, a brand specialist, a model, a creative director, a mother, a transformational speaker, a mentor, a sister, a daughter, or a friend.

But what you may not know is I have also dealt with shame, fear, suicidal thoughts, depression, sexual, emotional, and physical abuse.

Sharing my story empowered me to break away from who I once was and step into who God called me to be. I am committing to helping young girls and women feel confident enough to share their stories. Not because it makes them weak and vulnerable, but because it gives them the power to thrive. After I started to recognize my brilliance and overcame my fear of executing my ideas because of perfectionism, my endeavors were taken seriously. I had to believe I was more than enough, flaws and all. 

Now, I’m known as the “Queen of Reinvention,” and I have been able to help leaders and entrepreneurs craft their personal and professional brand stories by teaching them to be authentic and intentional about their success.

Tell us about your book.

Unscarred: Prayers for Healing is a spiritual self-help book for anyone who has been abused physically, emotionally, and/or spiritually or those who have been misused in relationships looking to heal and find forgiveness so that they can thrive. Bianca Modo takes you on a powerful journey inside her own struggles and creates an atmosphere of trust, forgiveness, overcoming guilt, shame, anxiety, and fear, and gives insight on the path of healing.

The book breaks down your healing into digestible and easy to read chapters including:

Releasing worry and surrendering to God’s will for your life

Understanding who you are in the Kingdom and how your mistakes won’t change your destiny

Overcoming shame and guilt that can keep you stagnant in your relationships and life endeavors

Learning how to forgive… Even forgiving the people that never apologized

Healing your heart so you can attract blessings, favor, and new relationships

Transforming how you feel about yourself

Understanding the gift of discernment which helps you make decisions with wisdom and not fear

Breaking the generational cycle of abuse and misuse, so that your future generations can also thrive and have healthy relationships

If you have been burdened by the past and feel as though you are being held back by previous relationships of abuse and misuse, then Unscarred is for you. Speaking from the heart, Bianca Modo shares her words of strength, encouragement, and compassion to help you realize your value and to be all you can be. 

What are the top three takeaways you would like your readers to walk away with?

When you feel you are so deep in darkness and there could never be a way out, I want you to remember three things: every sin, transgression, and iniquity can be forgiven, you belong to the most high God who had a clear plan for you at creation and He knew EVERYTHING you would do before you did it, and He did not intend for you to be defined by what happened to you or what you have done but gave you the ability to stand tall and redefine who you are within Him.

Who is your book for?

Anyone who is ready to get over the hurt that has held you confined for many years, quit being a victim and let go of all the shame, guilt, anxiety and fear


You’re in college or you’re already working in your career, but you’re still being haunted by the memories of your past. And worse, you’re still attracting relationships that mimic the abuse and misuse you’ve already escaped

What inspired you to write your book?

I felt I was always combing my past through my mind and it was hindering me from moving forward in my God-given destiny. There were so many thoughts and feelings I couldn’t describe and the Holy Spirit nudged me to complete the book that had been on my heart. When I saw Chanel had started a 14-day Write With Me challenge to help writers finish their books, I knew it was time. The Holy Spirit confirmed by giving me a specific date to complete the book. I finished my book in 13 days after pouring my heart and soul into it. It was the most refreshing thing ever… I cried like a baby.

Where can people find your book and support you? Print copy:

What products/services do you want to offer alongside your book for promoting purposes?

Free 1-hour brand strategy session (normally reserved for my program clients only) to the first 3 people who purchase my book (digital or print), screenshot the receipt, and DM it to me on Instagram @iambiancamodo


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