The Business of Books: Meet Renee Whaley Author of: A Journey To Financial Fortitude

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Please tell us about yourself.

I am a 45 yr old black woman who is passionate about living debt free and sharing that message with others.  As shown in my book’s subtitle, I paid off $75k worth of debt in 3 years, paid off my mortgage by age 44, and attended college debt free!  I am happily married to Norman Whaley and we have two sons, Judah (13) and Jonah (8).  

Tell us about your book.

My books tell  my journey to financial freedom.  It offers real-life details of how I arrived at this point despite being raised in a low-income community.  I spell out my personal story to help folks understand that I am just the average person as they are too.  Then I share how I reached the place that I’ve arrived in an effort to give them guidelines and tools I used to help them understand that they too can live a life free of debt!

What are the top three takeaways you would like your readers to walk away with?

1.  Everybody can live a debt-free life

2.  Discipline and a paradigm shift in their thought process will be the keys to a successful journey

3.  Living debt-free is not for a select group of people – anybody can do it with the right guidance and strategy.

Who is your book for?

My target audience are for students in high school or above and adults who are looking for a way to not engage in practices that will land them in debt (high schoolers and above) and for adults that are already in debt to learn what steps they can take to get out of it.

What inspired you to write your book?

After doing speaking engagements, someone in the audience would always ask, “Do you have a book?” to which my answer was always NO.  That’s what lit my fire initially.  The more I grew into it, I realized it was a calling on my life to share my journey so that others could understand that this was not an impossibility if I, being a product of “the system”, could do it.  

Where can people find your book and support you?

What products/services do you want to offer alongside your book for promoting purposes?

A free book and a free scholarship search for a scholar ($75 value)


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