Author Spotlight – Crystal Davis

“Being confident of this very thing, that HE which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.” (Philippians 1:6, KJV)

Crystal C. Davis is the Daughter of the King and Ordained Minister, chosen to share the “Good News.” Gifted as a Renowned Transformational Speaker, Certified Transition Coach, Mentor, and Author, she is affectionately known as the “Restorer of Hope” by some in her circle. Her unique voice has transformed several stages, providing a different perspective on past traumas to many in attendance.

Her call to serve the “least of thee…” was highlighted during her tenure as a facilitator in the private and government sector. This is where she nurtured and uplifted women from different facets of life – many transitioning from foster care, prison, a life of generational poverty, low self-esteem, or into motherhood as a teenager, who often shared their stories of abuse and abandonment. As someone who has had their share of personal struggles, she knows the encouragement (listening ear or shoulder) needed to propel forward. She used these experiences as the driving force to establish her mentoring program, Beautiful Exchange, LLC in 2017.

Crystal has been a featured speaker for various organizations, corporations, community leaders, and groups, including Brothers For Single Mothers, Aniyah’s Space, Beyond the Book Media, and many more. She has also been featured in Voyage Atlanta Online Magazine. Her motto: “I am inspired by the Most High God. I LIVE not because of all I had to overcome but because of the One who overcame it ALL!!”

Living her purpose-driven life, you can find Crystal in Atlanta with her husband, children, and grandchildren or journaling, cuddling with a good book, listening to music, or SERVING where there is need.

About Her Book – Fragile Freedom

Written as a means of self-therapy, this book depicts traumas and triumphs. The heart of a child chosen for a life greater than what lies in front of me. Fragile Freedom takes you on a journey through eyes clouded by mental and physical abuse, intertwined with chaos and dysfunction on a level far too heavy to comprehend.

Rebellion and choices caused questioning of life and purpose, low self-esteem, and suicide attempts. Born with less than a silver spoon, it was hard to understand why certain things had to happen. Sometimes the only thing left to hold on to is the assured confidence that there is greater than the current situation and choices.

Overcoming the stereotypes of being a black girl born into poverty, to a drug-addicted, absentee father, a mother that chose to party over parenting most times, and statistical data that suggested to be greater than the labels of teen mom, high school dropout, GED recipient, and rebellious, takes grit.

As a Girl Raised In The South, I understand that using grit can sometimes feel hard, but if we hold on, change will come. Lessons learned are shared to prevent others from traveling the road often too hard to return from. The hope is that others will be helped and healed by the openness of wounds once too painful and shameful to speak of.

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