Author Spotlight – Elmina Morissette

Elmina is a Mental Health Coach and Ordained Minister. While obtaining a certification as a Life Coach, she learned the importance of helping women of God heal from their life experiences. Her goal is to connect Christianity and Mental Health to help others prioritize and embrace the soul care journey after accepting Christ as their savior.

She has been commissioned by the Holy Spirit to teach others how to renew their minds in Christ to activate their next level and break strongholds/generational cycles. She is the visionary of the B.A.E. Movement where she teaches women of God how to live a Blessed, Authentic, and Evolving Lifestyle by becoming whole and purposeful. She is leading women to inner healing by creating a sacred space to heal their inner child, experience reciprocated love, discover their authentic selves, and work through the hard stuff by utilizing Sisterhood and Biblical Principles as the tools.

About Her Book – God’s L.O.V.E. Language

Our journeys through life’s ups and downs may be different, but we all have a common denominator, that God’s love for us turns beauty from ashes. On my journey to renewing my mind in Christ and healing from my childhood traumas and life choices, I discovered my identity as a woman of God.

Have you ever felt stuck or kept replaying past traumas in your life? Do you have triggers that you can’t quite pinpoint the source? Do you or others tend to define you by your past shortcomings?

Let me be the first to say, me too. I struggled with handling the ups and downs of life and letting go of the hard-to-forgive experiences. Because of this, I unknowingly resented God and couldn’t submit to the process He has given me for the vision. God challenged me to be a participant in my healing. This was crucial in my ability to write this book from personal testimonies and triumphs! God asked me to use my testimony for his glory, so I share my story with others to help give them the tools, mindset, opportunity, and environment that can facilitate reflection, revelation, and resolution.

Where healing can occur so that they too can heal from past traumas and have a strategy in place to weather the woes of life which includes life’s ongoing disappointments. God reminded me that lives will be impacted by my ability to establish and teach other women of God how to heal and finally declare, “I was not meant to be wounded for the rest of my life!” This book will inspire, encourage, and equip you to embrace your healing journey and learn how to forgive the unforgivable. Allow the story of God’s L.O.V.E to give you a strategy to forgive and get your breakthrough!

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