Author Spotlight – Janelle Mason-Johnson

Janelle Mason-Johnson is a Retired Registered Nurse who earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in nursing and a minor in Biology from Molloy College. After being diagnosed with and surviving breast cancer and Multiple Myeloma, she has decided to pay her knowledge and experience forward by establishing 3 Spectrums Of Influence LLC.

Janelle has a passion for helping women. She utilizes her life encounters to help women heal and move toward wholeness. Janelle strives to work through her business to encourage women to persevere and flourish despite hardships. To connect with Janelle and find out more about 3 Spectrums Of Influence LLC, you can visit http//

About Her Book – Spectrums Of Influence

Spectrums Of Influence is a genuine non-fiction memoir. Janelle Mason-Johnson is the author and narrator of this empowering faith-building story. Janelle has utilized her own experiences with divorce, discrimination, and life-altering medical diagnosis to help women tap into their inner strength and become an OVERCOMER!!! The story commences with Janelle’s life as a newborn living in Brooklyn, New York, and gradually evolving as a child, teenager, young adult, to adulthood. By conquering various illnesses, divorce, and unfair circumstances, Janelle expresses how her undeniable faith has been the sole foundation of her healing. Janelle is a retired registered nurse who desires to utilize her life challenges to assist women in moving toward wholeness. Her business will help women to persevere and flourish despite encountering hardships.

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