Author Spotlight – Janice Casey

Janice Rhodes Casey is a wife, mother, grandmother, and retired educator with over 30 years of experience as a classroom teacher and media specialist.

As an ordained minister and co-pastor with a Master of Divinity degree in Biblical Studies, she loves teaching and preaching the Word of God, connecting the dots between reading the Word and living it out in our lives.

She has a podcast, God’s Toolbox, and a blog. She and her husband, Pastor Darrell, are the parents of five children and eleven grandchildren.

About Her Book – Holy Spirit Unlock the Path Forward

You want all that God has for you. That includes a full life—one of purpose, passion, and fulfillment. You have been reading the Word, praying, and listening to all the popular preachers, but it just is not happening for you. Your life is ordinary, bland, and downright boring.

This step-by-step plan of action will transform your life of mediocrity into a life of passion and fulfillment. Follow the simple strategies as outlined in this book and discover the life you were destined to lead. Learn how to give the Holy Spirit full reigns to lead you and your prayer life. Learn how to activate your faith, and you will be off and running.

Author Janice Rhodes Casey has been where you are and found the answer by making a few insightful adjustments to everyday life. This short, easy read is a must for any serious Christian seeking to advance the kingdom of God and live out their true purpose.

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