Author Spotlight – Jeanette Barnette

Jeanette Barnette grew up in the inner city of Baltimore, Maryland. While growing up, the only thing Jeanette learned about money was there never was enough. She started a career in the banking industry in her early twenties, which opened her eyes to a whole new world related to finances.

Jeanette learned a lot over her 12 years working in the banking and finance industry before obtaining her degree in human resources and making a career change. Jeanette learned how wealthy people remained wealthy and how poor people remained lacking. She quickly realized that true wealth is about mindset, habits, and behaviors. 

Ms. Barnette has successfully rebuilt her life and financial situation one piece at a time. She is certified in financial & life coaching as well as biblical studies. She is led to help people of faith live prosperously by improving their money, faith, and lifestyle.

About Her Book – Healing Your Money Mindset

Healing Your Money Mindset is a book of principles to help you on your financial healing journey. This book is for people of faith who struggle with mindset, relationships, emotions, behaviors, and habits related to money. 

In this book, you will identify your money traumas and shift your mindset from lack to the abundance God has for you. Jeanette’s perspective is from her 12 years of experience in banking and finance, along with later becoming a finance and life coach. 

The author’s primary goal is to break generational curses around money in her culture and community and to help people grow past their current situations and thrive in prosperity and abundance. 

This book is for you if: 

  • You have frivolous spending habits 
  • You are not sure where your money goes each month
  • You have difficulty staying on track with a budget
  • You live paycheck to paycheck and want a better life financially 
  • You are a person of faith and ready to go after your abundance 

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