Author Spotlight – Kimberly Dedyne

Kimberly A. Dedyne (rhymes with Divine) is the founder of Pure KIMistry LLC, where we are all about cultivating connections through candles, products, and experiences that ignite special memories and allow its customers to experience love, joy, warmth, and comfort like never felt before.

Kimberly is a graduate of Central Michigan University with a bachelor’s in science, majoring in Psychology and Community Development. Kimberly loves to create candles to be able to share and spread light, everywhere she can. Kimberly is very passionate about serving, encouraging, and connecting with people on a genuine level and is also an advocate for healing and connection. You can bond with Kimberly at

About Her Book – Reaction of Grace

Pure grace is when God gives you chance after chance to get into a position when you don’t even know that you’re called or who you are called to. Living a life of fear from the start does not leave room for someone to have an amazing story, or so Kim thought. God patiently waited for her to become who he needed her to be.

She had to go through many obstacles of hiding in the background, being afraid to do anything without her family, and ultimately feeling like she had no voice. Little did Kim know that all her experiences created a personal chrysalis for her protection.

Now, the bell is ringing, and it’s time for the main event. It’s time to break out of the chrysalis and walk into the beautiful butterfly that God has called her to be! No More suffering in silence. No longer will she be afraid to be seen or to speak up. You will witness her spread her wings and flutter across the world! But how did she get to this point? Let’s go back to the caterpillar moments and take a journey within the reaction.

This is Reaction of Grace: Journey to my Butterfly Exodus.

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