Author Spotlight – Rachel Hunter

Rachel Hunter is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and owner of RDH Counseling and Consulting, LLC. She is also a Certified Life Coach and focuses on healing and enhancing the emotional and social well-being, physical and financial health, and spiritual functioning, of individuals, couples, groups, and businesses.

She is passionate about teaching and empowering others to become their healthiest selves and to develop an intimate relationship with God.

Rachel has utilized therapy, provided coaching, offered training, and created courses to reach and help hundreds of individuals heal and grow. Most recently she developed an online course called “Self-Care: Becoming Your Own Best-Friend” in which she debunks myths about what AUTHENTIC Self Care is, how to begin taking care of your temple, and identify when and how to set boundaries without feeling guilty. To learn more about Rachel and her courses and other services, visit her website:

About Her Book – Self-Care: Learning to connect with God

Do you struggle in your walk with God because you feel He is so far away? Do you desire to connect with Him, but you feel you aren’t “good enough”? Have you started to believe that He will only speak to you if you are perfect or maintain a façade of perfection? The truth is, your Heavenly Father is not interested in perfection, instead, He is interested in a relationship—a relationship with YOU!

Unlike what some Christians will have you believe, God desires to have an authentic relationship in which you show up as your true, flawed, imperfect self. The type of relationship where you can finally just BE you, without makeup, perfection, or dotting every “I” and crossing every “T.” It’s time that you experienced a closer and more intimate relationship with God and learned how to connect with Him in a practical and authentic manner.

In this Guided Devotional Journal, you will have the opportunity to:

·           Explore scripture to connect with God as you deal with REAL life

·           Process your past experiences and allow God to help you grow and heal

·           Learn to forgive and release yourself from the bondage of bitterness

·           Receive encouragement and empowerment to overcome life’s challenges

·           Release your thoughts and feelings through use of journaling

·           Learn prayers to help you deal with tough times including heartbreak

If you are ready to finally learn how to connect with YOUR Heavenly Father and enhance your relationship with Him, then this book is for you!

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