Author Spotlight – Sade Tate

Sadé Tate is a writer, speaker, and school psychologist. She earned a B.A. in Psychology from Clemson University, an M.S. in Counseling and Human Systems, and a Specialist Degree in Education from Florida State University. She enjoys volunteering and giving back to her community.

Sadé has actively served youth and their families since 2009. She currently serves in youth ministry at her local church and serves as a school psychologist, where she consults and provides support for parents, students, and teachers. She is passionate about prayer, connecting families with resources in the community, and teaching parents how to advocate for their children.

About Her Book – Parenting With Grace

Parenting can be challenging, especially in this day and age where Godly principles and standards have diminished in society. Children often see examples of people void of Godly character and integrity. Raising children can cause Christian parents to feel overwhelmed with trying to protect and teach their children Godly principles and have them question if they know what they are doing. At times, they are left feeling stressed, frustrated, and defeated. 

Despite these emotions, there’s a “sweet spot” in parenting that one can achieve when they tap into God’s “parenting grace.” This is a place where they are at peace and confident that they will be able to defeat what tries to come against their children and their families. This comes when parents download wisdom from the Holy Spirit about parenting instead of merely relying on their intellect and abilities. 

This book is for parents who are exhausted with parenting in their strength and want to tap into the grace of God. Through practical examples and sound biblical strategies that have been developed after several years of working with parents, the author will highlight parenting mishaps and how to correct them. Thought-provoking questions and real-life examples will have parents thinking about parenting habits and paradigms that may need to shift. This book will leave parents feeling encouraged and empowered in their parenting journey and show them how to transition from the downward cycle of frustration, stress, and worry. 

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