Author Spotlight – Shante Edgehill

Shante’ D. Edgehill, is the Founder and Chief Vision Officer of A Blend of Services, a non-profit Community Development Corporation, and the Senior Pastor of St. Peter’s Ministries. Shante’ is a dual entrepreneur, certified Health Coach, retired special educator with the NYC Board of Education, with more than 25 years’ experience, and a Community Development Consultant.

A wife of 30 years of marriage and mother of two adult children. She continues to equip and empower families through her latest venture as a partner with CMC Developers and Help USA to bring an affordable housing complex valued at $33 million to the South Bronx, NY. 

About Her Book – I had to go through it to speak to it!

Embracing the lessons learned from the university called Life, Shante’ D. Edgehill, is a wife, mother, of 2, educator, dual entrepreneur, pastor, and caregiver. In this book, you will discover how she has learned how to unload life’s burdens. She urges us to live in the moment of truth, even if that truth is a life-threatening illness. With all of her accomplishments, she suffered in silence as many of us do. 

As a wake-up call, she confronts and deals with the emotional silent cry within. The emotional and physical effects of life. She welcomes you to join her as she lives through the journey of becoming. 

You will learn and rediscover:

  • How to live in your authenticity.
  • Who do you look like now, standing in the mirror?
  • If you are living or just existing.

Life is so amazing! Living and growing equals transformation. Are you up for the challenge?

To learn more about Shante’ Edgehill, send an email (IG :yourgirlshante )

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