Author Spotlight – Stefanny Kerr

Stefanny Kerr is an entrepreneur, online content creator, writer, and music enthusiast. Having published her first piece of writing at the age of 17 and having always gravitated towards art, it was no surprise that she would eventually go on to love all things creative. Her love for her craft allows her to express some of the most intimate and vulnerable thoughts that cross our minds in an honest and refreshing manner. Whether through writing, editing, or French translation, her ability to convey ideas is the reason her work so often speaks for itself.

In this collection of short stories, Stefanny shares her own personal journey of evolution as she became a woman who believed in herself and trusted her God. Aside from writing, Stefanny enjoys creating YouTube videos that document her travels through vlogs and encourage French-speaking youth to deepen their faith walks. She is currently based in Ontario, Canada, where she lives with her family. 

To find out more about Stefanny, connect with her on Instagram @Stef.k or sharpen your French and watch a few of her videos at Inspire Par Dieu on YouTube!

About Her Book – Trust: Moving Forward When You Don’t Have All The Answers

Too often, as we go through life, we hide the scars of our most painful experiences. Because we’ve chosen to hide, we deny ourselves the ability to heal through shared experience and connectivity with others who know exactly what we feel, felt, and found. If you are a woman who has asked herself: Why did that have to happen? How do I move forward? This collection of short stories is for you. 

Through story-telling and poetic commentary, you will read the stories of six women: six separate stories but one shared process of evolving into a future version of herself. In the end, we read of one woman who has taken all of the processes lived by each of the previous women and allowed her life to reflect her belief that no matter how dark things got, light was always her birthright. 

It is true that each of us is the expert of our own stories. But, if we stop long enough to observe and interact with others, we will see commonalities in our experiences. We are never completely alone. Dear one, what happened was never meant to crush you but allow the most elevated version of you to emerge. You will love the simple truths and gentle reminders that everything eventually does work itself out, if you just trust God.

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