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Takhia Gaither decided during the pandemic that there would be no more hiding! She has co-authored over 10 anthologies, three of which were Amazon Bestsellers in multiple categories, written and created a Bible Study Workbook – Be the Overcomer, and lined inspirational journals, both yearly and financial planners, as well as written for various online publications, and currently maintains two blogs.

In the fall of 2022, she launched the Redefining Thoughts Podcast and YouTube shows. Her portfolio continues to grow with new book projects to be unveiled beginning the spring of this year, in addition to becoming an international TEDx speaker and curriculum writer and moving into traveling as a speaker, teacher, and coach. 

Takhia is a mother, retired educator, author, editor, and certified Christian Confidence and Mental Health Coach, with a specialization in trauma-informed coaching to be completed summer of 2023. Writing has always been a hobby, so in 2018, she began her blog, Takhia the Teacher, and began writing as a volunteer for the online publication Godly Today. She started The Ready Write-Her editing, copywriting, and formatting company in 2019 as a profitable hobby. 

With the release of her first anthology, She Changed Her Narrative, she also became a published editor. Throughout the writing process, she received countless confirmations that her years of teaching were moving her from public school to the classroom of life. In addition to editing, she is also a writing coach for new authors who seek training and accountability as they prepare their stories for the world to see. 

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About Her Book – By His Stripes

Getting the diagnosis of a chronic or autoimmune illness is beyond overwhelming and definitely life-changing and altering. When you’re a person of faith, you want to believe that things will be as Romans 8:28 states and that all things will work together for your good because you believe.

But then there’s that clause about “being called according to your purpose,” and this matter of a life-altering diagnosis does not appear to fit what we consider to be purpose. 

However, God wastes nothing and can take what devastates us and use it for His glory and honor. Having been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition in 2007 at the start of a promising career, author Takhia Gaither knows how it feels to look at what you’re being told and experiencing and not immediately be able to see the good of it.

Finding comfort in the word of God, she put pen to paper and created a series of journal entries that not only provide a source of encouragement but allow the reader to grow and strengthen their relationship with God. It gives hope and a new view coupled with reflective activities that will allow the reader to create and build their own encouragement bank as they traverse the unknown waters of their illnesses.

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