Kingdom Scribes Author Spotlight Tisha Chambers

Author of ‘The Pain Behind My Smile’

Tisha Chambers

Kingdom Business Network & Beyond The Book Media had the pleasure to interview Tisha Chambers as our very first Kingdom Scribes featured Author. Tisha recently published her second book “The Pain Behind My Smile”, and we got the chance to sit with her and ask a few questions about her new book, the writing and publishing process, and why she chose Beyond The Book Media to help her along the journey. Beyond The Book Media transforms faith-based business owners into becoming the AUTHORITY in their niche and Tisha is another example of what that looks like. Please find the full interview below.

BTBM: Please tell us about yourself.

Tisha: I am a native of Cleveland, Ohio.  A child and youth care practitioner, a member of the Ohio Association of Child and Youth Care Professionals. I have worked in the Childcare field advocating and caring for children who have experienced trauma and mental health challenges for almost 20 years. I am a survivor of many traumas, A former foster parent, an adoptive parent, mother, grandmother.

BTBM: Tell us about your book and who your book is for?

Tisha: My book is about my personal experience of sexual abuse and childhood trauma. I talk about what it was like to grow up in an abusive home and to be sexually abused by my stepfather, become pregnant at age twelve, go into foster care and what life look like after that. My book is for survivors those who have experienced sexual abuse, childhood trauma, domestic violence, drug abuse, and grief. It is for parents, guardians, and caregivers of children.

BTBM: What are the top three takeaways you would like your readers to walk away with?


1.Protect your children by educating yourself about sexual abuse and the signs.

2.Forgiveness is the gift you give to yourself.

3. God is very real He sees you; He hears you He loves you.

BTBM: What inspired you to write your book?

Tisha: I wrote my book for my healing. It was necessary. God told me it would help to free others.

BTBM: Tell us a little bit about your writing process? Do you use a unique method? What did the beginning stages entail for you?

Tisha: The writing process was hard, it was an emotional rollercoaster. I was met with a lot of warfare, however, I knew I had to keep going. My mental freedom depended on it.

BTBM: In terms of publishing, what was that process like for you? And why did you choose BTBM?

Tisha: The publishing process was amazing! The BTBM team was there to walk me through the process every step of the way. They encouraged me, prayed with me and for me. I chose BTBM because I called my sister and told her I was having a hard time finding the right publishing company. I wanted a company who was going to allow me to tell my story the way I needed to. She told me God would send the right company and she prayed with me about it. Two days later she called me with the information about The Map Your Book Out Challenge. I was hooked from there. It has been an amazing journey.

BTBM: What advice would you give to authors or even entrepreneurs wanting to start or those in the process of writing a book?

Tisha: Just Do It. Your Story matters. People need to hear it.

BTBM: What products/services do you want to offer alongside your book for promoting purposes?

Tisha: I will correspond with those who email me or have questions at My book was for my healing and to let others know they can too.

BTBM: Where can people find your book and support you?

Tisha: My book is currently available on Amazon in paperback and eBook form. You can also go to the link is there that will take you directly to the Amazon page.

BTBM: What is next for you and your brand? What can we look forward to in the coming months or years?

Tisha: I am considering writing book number two. The story is still in the making and possibly a children’s book.

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