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Florida native, Royce Louis has served as a realtor in the Tampa Bay area for nearly a decade. Over these years, she has become the go-to agent for first-time homebuyers as she’s known for successfully getting families into homes despite the many obstacles faced throughout the homebuying process. After realizing that many of her clients often had the same challenges and questions, Royce decided to expand her assistance nationwide by writing a homebuyer guide that provides solutions as well as tips on avoiding the most common first-time homebuyer mistakes. Her book – Next Stop, Homeownership! breaks down everything you need to know to buy your first home.

Are you a brand or business owner? If so can you tell us about the products and services you offer?

I’m a brand as I provide real estate services to homebuyers, sellers, and investors in the Tampa Bay area. Recently, I became an author writing a first-time homebuyer guide that I currently have for sale on my website. My homebuyer guide walks future homeowners through the entire home buying process.

How has writing a book helped your business or brand?

Writing my homebuyer guide has helped me expand my reach to help more homebuyers nationwide. With the majority of my clients being first-time homebuyers, I’ve learned that they often faced many of the same challenges and had the same questions when going through the homebuying process. While writing my book, I made sure to provide solutions to these issues as well as offer tips for avoiding the most common first-time homebuyer mistakes. This has helped establish me as a real estate expert in the industry as well as deepen the trust my clients have in my ability to successfully assist them to accomplish their goal of homeownership.

Tell us about your book.

Next Stop, Homeownership! provides an interactive approach to the home buying process. From improving your credit to choosing which professionals to work with to negotiating with sellers and beyond, buyers receive actionable insights that will help ease the stress from a seemingly complicated and overwhelming process. This homebuyer guide breaks down the home buying process from beginning to end into easy, workable steps. Designed as a companion to your partnership with a real estate agent and lender, this comprehensive guide has everything you need to buy your first home with confidence.

What inspired you to write your book?

After encountering the same challenges and questions from many of my first-time homebuyer clients, I’ve found the most effective solutions and have successfully gotten my clients into homes. After realizing that other buyers around the country have the same concerns but don’t always have access to the correct information, I decided to pour all my knowledge into a comprehensive guide that breaks down the homebuying process into easier, more workable steps. Homeownership is a major accomplishment and I wanted to help as many people reach that goal as possible.

Who is your book for?

This homebuyer guide is for anyone with a goal of homeownership that needs help navigating the home buying process. The information is relevant to all states in the U.S.

Where can people purchase your book?Next Stop, Homeownership!

What are the top three takeaways you would like your readers to walk away with?

1) Buying a home doesn’t have to be stressful, overwhelming or difficult when you have the right tools and team (realtor, lender, attorney, etc)

2) Preparation is Key! Cleaning up your credit, saving for a down payment/closing costs and budgeting for your new home is all part of the process.

3) Having the correct information about the home buying process makes for an overall better buying experience because you come into the process with the right expectations. Next Stop, Homeownership! provides you with everything you need to make your dream of owning a home, reality!

How can people connect with you? Please give your website and social media links etc.

What products/services are you going to include in your give away?

TWO (2) FREE copies of my guide, Next Stop, Homeownership! and TWO (2) FREE 45-minute Homebuyer Consultation Calls _ 2 winners

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