Meet Author Tavis Taylor

Tavis C. Taylor has been a successful administrative entrepreneur for over 25 years. Utilizing her administrative skills and warfare prayer tactics, she has been able to assist clients with receiving over $35 Million in loans and acquisitions. As an ordained minister, God has given her a mandate and a heart for his people. She is a passionate Certified Christian Counselor, Author, and Motivational Speaker who has quickly earned the reputation as an ambassador of positive thinking and a compassionate leader. Her passion is for Mothers of Brown Boys (MOBB) who are entrepreneurs. She assists them with reprioritizing, reinventing, and restructuring their lives so they can be effective mompreneurs.

Are you a brand or business owner? If so can you tell us about the products and services you offer?

Yes, I am the owner of Tailored Connections Staffing and Training Center and Tavis Taylor Talks. Tailored Connections Staffing and Training Center Offer is a work from home call center based company. Tavis Taylor Talks is a coaching and counseling center for Mothers of Brown Boys.

How has writing a book helped your business or brand?

My book has produced a level of freedom for me. Being released from the bondage of my past has afforded me the opportunity to assist others.

Tell us about your book.

“The Scenic Route to Purpose: A Story of Tests, Trials, and Triumphs”


Scenic Route to Purpose shares the broken trails in the life of Tavis C. Taylor which led her to the road paved with purpose. From survivor of abuse to manipulator of the state, Tavis has been to hell and back. Her triumphant return to a life well lived came into view when she accepted the fact that she is graced to forgive. Join Tavis on her riveting journey. On the other side of pain, there is purpose. Are you willing to travel the road required to get there?

No More Hashtags Remembrance and Reflections is collection poetry that pays tribute to the lives of those lost to police brutality. Too often we hear a sound bite, see a clip, read an article and it trends for a couple of days or maybe a few hours and then it’s gone as if it didn’t matter; that the life didn’t matter. I wanted to bring awareness to those stories that made the headlines and those you may not have even heard to remember and reflect on what must we do, what can we do to address the issues of police brutality and social justice and not just give voice but follow through with action.

What inspired you to write your book?

Honestly, I received years of prophetic words regarding the power of my trials and triumphs

Who is your book for? (please be as specific as possible)

My book is for women who have gone through tough times and need the courage to start over.

Where can people purchase your book? – ON Amazon

What are the top three takeaways from your book?

1) No matter what they have been through, they can bounce back and live a life filled with purpose.

2) God can use your story for his story. Truly…it’s not a cliche. God is a compassionate God. He is not like people.

3) We are all, ex – something, that is why we should not judge.

How can people connect with you? Please give your website and social media links etc. – for parenting and counseling needs

They can apply for a position with our staffing agency @

What products/services are you going to include in your give away?

Free 1 on 1 session with the TransPARENT Mom.

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