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Wednesday, August 2nd , 2021 at 8:00 pm

On this training, you will learn:

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Webinar Host: Chanel E. Martin

Founder of Beyond The Book Media, award winning serial entrepreneur, book coach, and publisher.

As a startup technology cofounder and one who had raised close to 500K for my business using a variety of methods, I decided to show others how to do it as well. I had already gotten many requests from people asking me how I was able to start two businesses without using my household income to fund my dream. Or how I had accomplished two successful 5 figure crowdfunding campaigns. And how we’d won over 100K in pitch competitions. And how I’d gotten my friends and family to invest 35K into my business. I decided I would help others by writing a book on Fundraising.


I didn’t consider myself a coach or consultant, just a beauty tech entrepreneur that knew how to do one thing really well, to impress upon people to give me money! Little did I know that would lend itself to be the start of my part-time speaking and consulting journey and the establishment of my media and publishing company Beyond The Book Media.

After writing and publishing my book,  I was now a proven expert in fundraising. I also took each section of my ebook and created a multitude of online classes and seminars, helping others raise money as well. Coaching clients were added to my roster, and speaking engagements were a new norm. And I added multiple five figures in my bank account, all because I put my knowledge in a simple to read and follow ebook. 

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